Australian Animals - Mini Pack 32 Matching Cards


Australian Animals Matching/Memory Card Pack:
**Custom – Made To Order**

This pack is great value, includes total 32 cards / 16 pairs of Australian Animals beautifully illustrated.
Printed, designed and handcrafted in Melbourne Bayside, Australia.
Cards are wrapped inside with soft tissue paper to keep them secure and well presented.

  • Total 32 cards in each pack / 16 matching pairs.
  • Learn of Australian Animals their family class and life span.

Australian Animal Cards Include (pair each):

Kangaroo, Wombat, Koala, Cockatoo, Black Swan, Dingo,Echidna, Emu, Kookaburra, Magpie, Numbat, Platypus, Ringtail Possum, Tasmanian Devil, Wallaby, Cassowary.

Every item purchased $1 goes to Dementia Australia and supports a worthy cause :)

Unique design with quality card finish.
From Ages 3 Years to 103 Years (Yes quite a broad age range as it is true!).
Have fun learning, practising and exercising your memory, great to enhance your recognition skills.

Made from premium durable card and 100% recyclable.
Eco friendly and ethically made.

Card Size Details:
60 x 60mm, 350gsm Double Sided print cards.

Box Size Details:

80mm Wide x 80mm High x 25mm Depth.

Box finish comes in 2 options:
- Silver Metallic Lid with White Gloss Base, or ...
- Natural Earth Brown Lid with Base

Gift Wrapping available, 3 different styles for your selection.

For instructions in how to play, please visit our page: 

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