Birds of The World - Deluxe Pack 48 Matching Cards

$24.95 $32.95

Birds of the World Matching/Memory Card Sliding Pack:
**Custom – Made To Order**

This pack is of amazing value, includes total 48 cards / 24 pairs of gorgeous illustrations of different bird species around the world.
Packaged with an exterior case sleeve and internal storage tray to hold the cards inside.

Printed, designed and handcrafted in Melbourne Bayside, Australia.
Cards are wrapped inside with soft tissue paper to keep them secure and well presented.

  • Total 48 cards in each pack / 24 matching pairs.
  • Learn different birds of the world, the scientific names and native locations.

Bird Cards Include (pair each):

Emu, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, Hoopoe, Blue Jay, Woodpecker, Greater White-Fronted Goose, Owl, Falcon, Grey Parrot, Hornbill, Flamingo, Starling, Macaw, Tanager, Puffin, Toucan, Razorbill, Goldfinch, Gray Hawk, Pink Robin, Kingfisher, Hummingbird, Lazuli Bunting, Crane.

Every item purchased $1 goes to Dementia Australia and supports a worthy cause :)

Unique design with quality card finish.
From Ages 3 Years to 103 Years (Yes quite a broad age range as it is true!).
Have fun learning, practising and exercising your memory, great to enhance your recognition skills.

Made from premium durable card and 100% recyclable.
Eco friendly and ethically made.

Card Size Details:
60 x 60mm, 350gsm Double Sided print cards.

Box Size Details:

140mm Wide x 65mm High x 25mm Depth.

Gift Wrapping available, 3 different styles for your selection.

For instructions in how to play, please visit our page: 

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