Scribbly is a COVID baby in 2020, whilst being in a very long lockdown bubble at Melbourne Victoria. The aim is to essentially provide fun and interactivity, stimulate the mind, exercise your memory and to have a nice refreshing break from the electronic device/s.

Inspired by European Memory/Matching card game designs, back in the 1990s with cute cartoons. Scribbly's idea is to engage with bright, colourful Memory Card games with a twist, fun to play with a friend/s or the family … combined with a fun fact feature whether to find out where a bird’s native location or to know how high is the Eiffel tower in Paris. Fun for everyone as well as being informed – Learning Through Fun!

With the important foundation of keeping 100% Made in Australia (Melbourne, Bayside) and creating individual handcrafted goods. Providing uniqueness and bespoke value with beautiful packaging to both the retailer and to the customer.

Using sustainable materials, ethically sourced and fully recycled.
Scribbly is also proud that for every item purchased we donate $1 to Dementia Australia, giving back to our community where it matters.